6 Signs You Need A New Job

People tend to search for new jobs when they want higher compensation or a career change. Another reason could be, you’ve outgrown your job and want to move on.

Some tell-tale signs to know when the time has come:

  1. No room for growth. You’ve hit the ceiling and there are no more opportunities to learn.
  2. No satisfaction. When you no longer feel a sense of accomplishment, your motivation decreases.
  3. You don’t align with core values. You can’t support the mission or values of the company..
  4. Salary doesn’t budge. If you are putting in quality time and effort, you should be compensated fairly. Be sure to research market value and know your worth.
  5. You daydream. You’re thinking of what-ifs and fantasizing about another opportunities.

You watch the clock. If you dread coming in and countdown the seconds to leave, it’s time to get out.

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6 Signs You Need A New Job

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