Airbnb Provides Refund After Guest Finds Cameras

Before the new year, Jeffrey Bigham and his family checked into an Airbnb and were horrified to find two cameras onsite. On the first day, Bigham found one camera mounted on the wall above the TV. He immediately unplugged it. The second day, he found another located near the bathroom exit. While “nothing particularly weird” was captured, the camera may have caught his 2-year old child running naked.

He reread the host’s guide which only mentioned cameras “at the entrance” of the property. After he contacted Airbnb, they said a photo showing the camera on top of the TV was proper notification of informing guests of cameras. Bigham did not recall seeing this image on Airbnb before booking.

After Airbnb contacted the host about the cameras, the host messaged Bigham, “Indeed you did dismantle our security system after Airbnb rejected your clem what were you trying to hide on New Year’s Eve.”

On January 14, Bigham posted a full account of his dispute with the host and Airbnb. His blog post went viral causing Airbnb to revisit his claim about improper disclosure. Airbnb agreed to refund his trip and released a statement to The Washington Post.

While Airbnb allows cameras if they are disclosed and visible, we encourage you to ensure your safety when choosing any rental service.

Image Source: Entrepreneur

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Airbnb Provides Refund After Guest Finds Cameras

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