Netflix vs. Hulu’s Fyre Festival: What We Learned

The internet’s been buzzing since Hulu released their documentary on Fyre days before Netflix released theirs. Both documentaries explain the downfall behind the doomed luxury music festival.

What we learned:

  • Founder Billy McFarland is in both documentaries but was only interviewed on camera by Hulu. Co-founder Ja Rule is in both, no interviews, however Netflix has more footage.
    • Netflix and Hulu accused each other of not producing authentic content. Hulu reportedly paid McFarland for the interview and Netflix’s documentary was co-produced by Jerry Media and Matte Projects, the same social media and advertising companies involved with the disaster festival.
  • Both documentaries detail McFarland’s past ventures, but Hulu focuses more on his early business scams and entrepreneurship, leading to his festival debacle.  
  • We see the infamous promotional video starring tons of celebrity models, such as Chanel Iman, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski, and the private island located in the Bahamas. Netflix shows behind the scenes and insider footage from Matte Projects.
  • The power of influencers and social media marketing is addressed in both documentaries, but Jerry Media is highlighted more by Hulu.
  • Both documentaries use the same or similar footage of the festival, social media meltdowns, and evidence.
  • Both documentaries touch on the chaotic mess and lack of preparation, but Netflix digs deeper. They interview former employees who share stories of manipulation, personal debt from work expenses, being dragged into ongoing lawsuits, and one story of someone asked to engage in sexual favors for water. There were also painful interviews about the hundreds of island locals never paid for work.
    • One restaurant owner used $50,000 of her personal savings to pay her team who worked 24-hour shifts to feed all the local workers. A GoFundMe page exists to help her debt.
  • McFarland’s fake ticket selling scam is explained in both, but Netflix has actual footage.
  • Both documentaries end with someone getting a phone call from McFarland in a hilarious coincidence.

Which is better? It depends on your personal preference, both are solid.

Bonus: Ja Rule broke his silence yesterday and tweeted a storm defending himself and criticizing Netflix and Hulu.

Image Source: The Wrap

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Netflix vs. Hulu’s Fyre Festival: What We Learned

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