Two Words That Can Upgrade Your Airline Seats

Using your miles to upgrade from economy class is a smart move. But what if you’re told upgrades aren’t available or there are no remaining seats? Before you call a reservations representative, know these two words: revenue management.

Revenue management’s job is to make sure a flight is profitable. They’re essentially the representatives’ bosses, telling them what to say. This department is not widely known, but if you mention these words, you’ll seem like someone who knows how things work and understand how upgraded seats are released.

Tell your representative, “Has management released any first-class seats for miles upgrade yet?” If they say no, ask to double check or be transferred to revenue management so you can find out when they will be released and how many seats are left.

The key here is to be polite and cordial, “How many seats are unsold? 20? Why aren’t you releasing them?” Most conversations will end with the representative saying they’ll release one for you or asking you to call back tomorrow. Tilly Bagshawe, New York Times best-selling author, claims to have a 100% success rate with this method.

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Two Words That Can Upgrade Your Airline Seats

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