How To Negotiate Pay Raises

Not everyone can negotiate, especially when it comes to salary and pay raises. It’s like a nervous game of chicken with money as the prize.

Knowing how to negotiate is a valuable skill to have. We’ve got tips to help you with tactics:

  1. Understand the job scope. According to blogger Mark Raffan, he says, “I generally advise to negotiate the job scope (description, travel requirements, leadership exposure, advancement opportunities, team makeup, autonomy, responsibilities, accountability, etc.) before salary.” The goal is to avoid vague job description, which equates to more ammo for negotiation.
  2. Highball them. You should make the initial suggestion and request a higher salary. This becomes the baseline for negotiation and if the company suggests a lower salary, it’ll still be closer to what you think you’re worth.
  3. Make it personal. There’s a misconception to keep a professional tone during salary negotiation, but studies show salespeople are more successful when they share personal stories. We’re not saying discuss your personal life. Share a few snippets to foster a likable connection.
  4. Body language. Maintain eye contact, keep your hands above the table, and seem relaxed. According to a Harvard Law School blog, mimicry could be the most effective body language. It makes us feel comfortable with others and encourages trust.
  5. Leverage other offers. Studies show, “the average cost of replacing an employee amounts to fully 20 percent of the person’s annual salary.” A risky tactic is to approach your current employer with another offer you received. Be ready to face the consequences of an ultimatum if your employer isn’t able to match the offer.

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How To Negotiate Pay Raises

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