Best Planners For 2019

Looking for a way to stay organized in 2019? If you haven’t invested in a planner yet, there are the types for everyone:

  • Systematic Planner. A daily, weekly, and monthly planner structured from scientifically studied principles on how to best increase productivity and happiness over a gradual period of time.
  • Personalized Planner. A 3-ring planner that allows customizability to add or remove pages, accessories, etc.
  • Artistic Planner. An extensive 17-month planner filled with illustrations by Katie Daisy focusing on an artistic approach to embracing time-management and organization.
  • Simple Planner. A spiral-bound planner with monthly tabs for simplicity.
  • Multi-Layered Planner. A planner with 176 pages to prompt you with a fuller, more organized, and inspired life. Filled with quotes, goal setting, calendar overviews, weekly planning, and so forth.
  • Pocket Planner. A simple, basic planner that can fit easily in your pocket for on-the-go organization.
  • Positivity Planner. A 100-day planner that uses an open-dated layout.
  • Passion Planner. A full-range planner used to organize life areas in depth, featuring goal road mapping, priority lists, motivational quotes, weekly challenges, success logs, monthly reflections, and more.

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Best Planners For 2019

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