McDonald’s Introduces Donut Sticks To The Breakfast Menu

McDonald’s introduced its latest breakfast creation: Donut Sticks. They come in a pack of six or twelve, each served warm with cinnamon and sugar. Despite offering breakfast all day, these donuts will only be served during breakfast hours. They debut February 20 nationwide for a limited time.

McDonald’s was the breakfast market leader since 1971 but has been falling behind due to competitors, such as Taco Bell and Dunkin’. To solve this, McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, developed a number of initiatives.

Easterbrook is currently analyzing whether to increase morning staff to accommodate busy peak times. The fast-food giant also plans on adding more digital kiosks and app customatization for consumers’ tastes.

Another strategy lies in menu innovation. McDonald’s continues to test new breakfast foods, drinks, and baked goods across all stores. Last November, the Triple Breakfast Stacks sandwich was a hit, contributing largely to sales growth last quarter. They recently introduced bagels and freshly cracked eggs in Canada. In some restaurants, McDonald’s has been experimenting with McCafé-branded muffin toppers and coffee cakes.

Fun fact: McDonald’s first introduced Donut Sticks to several Illinois locations early last year. They revamped the recipe, tested out different shapes, and re-trialed them in October 2018.

Image Source: CNN

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McDonald’s Introduces Donut Sticks To The Breakfast Menu

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