Google Maps Tests New Augmented-Reality Feature

On Monday, Google Maps began testing its new augmented-reality feature which incorporates highlighted arrows and floating street names to assist users in easy navigation. The goal is to bridge its two-dimensional map with the three-dimensional world.

The technology is not yet perfect due to many factors. Smartphones use a built-in GPS and compass to determine location and direction the user is facing. Tall buildings can disrupt the line of sight GPS relies on. Likewise, compass accuracy can be thrown off by an abundance of magnetic objects nearby.

To help figure out where things are, Google uses artificial intelligence. The AR feature uses Google’s Street View visuals as a base to align certain details determined by machine learning. Once Google Maps has an idea of where a user is, it can overlay virtual images based on what it sees, using the smartphone’s camera. Although the feature is in early stages, Google is working hard to iron out the kinks.

Image Source: The Sun

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Google Maps Tests New Augmented-Reality Feature

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