TuSimple’s Robo Semi-Truck Tech Totals At $180 Million

TuSimple, a U.S. and Chinese tech startup specializing in self-driving capability for long-haul semi-trucks, is headquartered in San Diego with an engineering facility and truck depot in Tucson, Arizona. R&D and commercial applications are split: a focus on long-haul trucks in the U.S., and technology for drayage operations and hauling cargo at ports in China.

At the end of 2018, TuSimple received an investment from Hong Kong-based Composite Capital. The company recently raised $95 million, placing their total funding at about $180 million.

Xiaodi Hou, Founder, President, and CTO of TuSimple, plans to use the funds to expand their robot semi-trucks from 12 to 50 by June. Each truck has advanced sensors, laser lidar units, and high-definition radar digital cameras that can track conditions up to 1 kilometer ahead. TuSimple’s vision system can benefit trucking companies by reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Hou says, “Autonomous driving is one of the most complex AI systems humans have ever built. After three years of intense focus to reach our technical goals, we have moved beyond research into the serious work of building a commercial solution.” TuSimple intends to keep raising funds.

Image Source: TuSimple

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TuSimple’s Robo Semi-Truck Tech Totals At $180 Million

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