Revolutionary Science Prevents Body From Rejecting Cells

Scientists at the University of California San Francisco developed a new method to prevent the body from rejecting cells during transplants.

When a body’s immune system recognizes a foreign object or organism, transplant rejection is triggered. Usually, drugs are administered to suppress the immune system’s response, but who wants to be doped up on drugs?

The CRISPR gene-editing tools create stem cells invisible to the immune system. The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and II genes are deleted (recognizes foreign objects) and cell protein CD47 (tells immune systems not to destroy a cell) is added.

This is the first time engineered cells survived inside recipients without any immune responses. Granted, it was successful on mice but there’s hope it can work on humans.

Image Source: Genetic Literacy Project

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Revolutionary Science Prevents Body From Rejecting Cells

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