7 Money Making Side Hustles

Need extra money or want to explore other fields? Here’s seven money making side hustles:

  1. Instagram influencer. Influencers are highly effective as marketers, as long as you can build traction.
  2. Real estate agent. You’ll need to take a course and pass a test to obtain a license, but in the meantime build a client base and learn as much as you can.
  3. Photographer or videographer. If you’re willing to invest in equipment, camera skills are needed for business events, television, weddings, and parties.
  4. SEO/content writer. You have a way with words and understand how SEO marketing works. Social media and blogs need you!
  5. Coach or consultant. Most successful people begin consulting with their client base. This is a great transition if you want to become an entrepreneur.
  6. Cook or baker. If you’re a great chef, you can book gigs. If you’re a baker, you can sell desserts or even teach cooking/baking classes.
  7. Crafts. A hobby of making jewelry or clothes could turn into a small e-commerce shop on sites like Etsy or Ebay.

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7 Money Making Side Hustles

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