Google Ends Mandatory Arbitration Policy

Last November, Google employees organized a walk-out to protest the company’s handling of sexual harassment, discrimination, and systemic racism.

It was triggered by the $90 million payouts given to Android mobile software creator Andy Rubin after sexual harassment allegations surfaced and were silenced until The New York Times published an exposé.

Google’s response? They made arbitration optional only in sexual harassment or assault cases, and only for full-time employees. Many were pissed… so, last Friday, Google announced their entire forced arbitration policy will be removed on March 21.

What’s forced arbitration?

Workers can’t pursue violated rights claims in court. Instead, there’s a procedure where an arbitrator hears evidence from both sides and determines the outcome. There’s no legal system and no appeal process.

Image Source: Business Insider

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Google Ends Mandatory Arbitration Policy

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