Google Assistant Is Coming To Android Messages

Google’s mission for Assistant to be everywhere is happening. Aside from the addition to various hardware and the Google Maps app, it will soon be integrated into Android Messages. The initial rollout will be available to English users worldwide (to start) and can be used for movies, restaurants, and weather.

PinitGoogle Assistant Is Coming To Android Messages
Source: 9to5Google

How will it work?

It’s basically Allo app’s clone (RIP). Google’s AI scans content to provide smart “suggestion chips” and once tapped on, an Assistant box will slide up with information cards. You can then opt to insert a card into your conversation.

Google swears…

Your message content is never sent to Assistant. The only information sent to servers will be the text in any “suggestion chip” you click on.

Featured Image Source: XDA Developers

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Google Assistant Is Coming To Android Messages

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