Subaru’s 2.3 Million Car Recall

Subaru isn’t doing so hot. The company plans to recall 2.3 million Impreza and Forester cars (models 2008 through 2017) due to brake light switch inducing ignition issues. Of the 2.3 million, 2 million were sold in the U.S. and the remainder in Japan.

It’s Subaru’s worst financial period:

  • Last August, 293 Ascent SUVs recalled due to missing B-pillar spot welds
  • Last November, 400,000 cars recalled due to faulty valve springs
  • In January, assembly operations were suspended for two weeks due to a power steering defect in Gunma, Japan
  • Plunging profits and news of forged safety testing data

Image Source: CNN

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Subaru’s 2.3 Million Car Recall

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