Amazon and Walmart’s Online Reviews Are Fake


  • 52% of reviews are “inauthentic and unreliable”
  • 30% of Amazon reviews are fake or unreliable
  • 33% of Sephora reviews are fake or unreliable
  • 33% of Steam reviews are fake or unreliable

According to Saoud Khalifah, CEO of Fakespot, manufacturers will do whatever it takes to earn 5-star reviews and push their products to the top of search results. His software program uses algorithms to detect patterns of fake reviews. Plug in the URL of a product and the website will rate the online reviews (from trusted to fake).

Red flags you can spot on your own:

  • One day surge in 5-star reviews
  • Grammatical errors
  • Reviews from reviewers who post hundreds of reviews in a day

Some companies hire “professional reviewers” or mass bots to post positive reviews. Other tactics include offering incentives (gift card or discount) to recent purchasers if they write a 5-star review.

And guess what? 84% of consumers rely on online reviews for recommendations.

Plus: Some companies post fake negative reviews on competitor products.

The Federal Trade Commission announced its first case against a company’s use of paid reviews and is tightening reigns on online reviews.

Image Source: Techgrabyte

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Amazon and Walmart’s Online Reviews Are Fake

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