IKEA Looks Into Renting Furniture

The Swedish furniture giant is testing a new service that will rent furniture to customers, piloting the program in Switzerland with desks and chairs. IKEA plans to eventually release  “scalable subscription services” for renting furniture in other markets.

Torbjorn Loof from IKEA says, “We will work together with partners so you can actually lease your furniture. When that leasing period is over, you hand it back and you might lease something else. And instead of throwing those away, we refurbish them a little and we could sell them, prolonging the life cycle of the products.”

Renting is a part of IKEA’s three-year plan of profitability and makes the company more environmentally sustainable. They’re following other businesses, such as Rent the Runway and Ann Taylor, who’ve successfully rented clothes and accessories.

Image Source: Nikkei Asian Review

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IKEA Looks Into Renting Furniture

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