Signs You Need A Mental Health Day

Self-care is healthy. If these signs sound familiar, consider taking a mental health day:

  • Human tolerance = low. Human interactions result in zero to 100, real quick.
  • No desire going to work. Mood: today is canceled, go back to bed.
  • What is sleep? Counting sheep doesn’t work, mental exhaustion kicks in, and you can barely function.
  • Look, a squirrel! Your attention retracts back to that of a five-year-old.
  • Lack of enjoyment. Marie Kondo…what if nothing sparks joy?
  • Indecisiveness. Can’t make a decision because it requires energy you don’t have.
  • Sick all the time. Your body calls it quits. No care? No work.
  • Vacation never. The last memory of a vacation was the weekend. Not cool.

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Signs You Need A Mental Health Day

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