How The Sales Industry Changed

In the sales industry? Or trying to grow your sales team? Things have changed:

  1. Selling is helping. There’s a preconceived image of sleazy car salesmen when it comes to sales. People are more open to “authentic selling” now, which means providing solutions to people’s problems. You’re selling a service or experience, rather than a product.
  2. Believe in it. It’s quite easy to spot ingenuine selling. The more you believe in what you’re selling, the more persuasive you’ll be. Passion can’t be faked.
  3. Easier connections. Technology allows you to give a demo online and send presentations, opening another touch point (the average sale requires 7-10 touches with the brand before a prospective buyer becomes a customer).
  4. Content marketing. Marketing has increased and improved data, research, and revenue. Case studies, infographics, and blog posts are all effective content to position your brand as trustworthy and resourceful.
  5. The era of personalization. If you aren’t adaptable, you won’t last. A generic newspaper ad won’t cut it anymore. People love personalized services. Learn your audience and master the intersection of service and technology.

Image Source: ATD

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How The Sales Industry Changed

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